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Business customers are mobile, connected, and more informed than ever. Our Sales as a Service solutions reach your customers, no matter how big or small. From qualifying leads, meeting F2F, to closing deals and managing accounts, we guarantee to help you hit goals and produce revenue.

Build a team of fully-enabled sales professionals that have the experience, tools, and data science needed to drive sales and success for your brand. All with the methodology and coaching to adapt to the ever-evolving buyer journey.

Our charter and philosophy has been developed by professional field sales experts across technology areas.

Delivering Success Through Sales Strategy and Planning

> Predict your ideal customers with proprietary data science

>Nurture and engage prospects and generate more sales discussions

>Drive revenue through highly focused inside sales teams

>Extend the long-term success and lifetime value of your customers

Data Acceleration

Predict your ideal customers with proprietary data science. Here’s how we do it:

>  Cleanse and Validate — ensure data is accurate and accessible

Predictive Profiling — identify ideal customers through data science

Proprietary Database — view your customer’s detailed digital footprint data

“Fortifying your lead outreach with solid contact data improves productivity by up to 15% and decreases lost sales by up to 27%.” — Forrester

Lead Qualification

Nurture and engage prospects and generate more sales discussions. Here’s how it’s done:

Enriched Data — highly targeted and ready for outreach

Targeted Nurturing — high-value content set to the buyer journey

Smart Cadence — relevant and personalized 1:1 outreach at the right time

“A targeted sales nurturing program results in 50% more sales-ready discussions and 20% more sales opportunities at 33% lower cost.” – Forrester

Customer Acquisition

Drive revenue through highly focused sales teams. Here’s how we do it:

Evolved Methodology — established and advanced sales processes

Smart Cadence — relevant and personalized 1:1 outreach at the right time

Prescriptive Coaching — steady and individualized coaching that drives results


“46% of high-growth tech companies are growing via inside sales (vs. 21% using outside sales).”  — Harvard Business Review

Account Management

We extend the lifetime value and long-term success of your customers. This is how we do it:


> Sales Engineers — Deep levels of technical and account knowledge

Rapid Response Teams — Multi-touch and on-demand inbound support

Integrated Outreach — Scalable, personalized contact that fosters loyalty 

“42% of companies say customer retention is their most important sales metric.” — Oracle B2B Commerce Trends

Our Services For

B2B Sales

Retail Sales

On-Boarding For App

Digital Sales

Distribution Network

Sales Of IT & ITES Product & Services

HNI/Niche Product Sales

Admission For University / College

We offer you the best B2B sales outsourcing services with access to the largest sales force in any location of PAN India.

With MarcOn app, document every lead and track your sales force at the comfort of your place.

Get cutting edge B2B sales outsourcing services at one place.


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Step – 1

Contact Marconix for a free evaluation,recommendation of an appropriate sales outsourcing program..

Step – 2

Choose program based on number of man-hours needed for your strategy, sign contract implement the sales plan.

Step – 3

Manage your sales growth through our CRM reporting and analytics bundles for day-to-day visibility and analysis.