Marconix genuinely cares about your organization and our programs are diversified to help you improve your level of customer satisfaction, gain repeat customers and of course help you to increase your profits.
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Helping customers move up by sieving through the abyss of information

With our comprehensively developed products, we try to solve the complex problems of businesses, be it the market intelligence requirements of customers, the required technological know-how, or location based intelligence to enjoy geographical and competitive advantage.

Our Service Model

Mystery Shopping Research

Data Collection Methods: Our data collection methods include detailed evidence capture and which can be conducted as either quantitative or qualitative exercises.

Our quantitative mystery shop services are particularly suitable for businesses in a fast-moving environment and can be the solution for clients seeking to:

>  Collect numerical data which can be analysed by customer insight/operations teams.

Evaluate what is happening within stores or contact centres.

Gain responses allowing mystery shop researchers the opportunity to be transparent about service they receive.

Collect large sets of data quickly and effectively.

Our quantitative mystery shop services are particularly suitable for businesses in a fast moving environment and can be the solution for clients seeking to:

Understand the complete customer experience.

Test new product and service frameworks in sample numbers.

Create and test new product concepts (User Acceptance Testing).

To assess and turnaround poor-performing resources with focused testing.

Retail Audits

Our In-store observational audit can help you to:

Review adherence to brand (brand audits) guidelines and company standards.

>   Check product promotions and campaign activity.

Understand retail compliance (compliance audits).

Conduct evidence gathering exercises for regulatory requirements.

Review placement and understand stock availability in store.

   >  Check staffing levels and access to customer support.

Sample checklist for retail audits :

Validate key product lines that are available on shelves.

Check merchandise labeling for accuracy.

Check brand placement/promotional compliance and POS material.

Monitor price movements and benchmark competitors.

Check packaging and display for regulatory compliance.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

With customer satisfaction survey, you can understand:

>  Service delivery.

The buying experience.

Staff responsiveness.

Customer service pinch points.

Our customer satisfaction surveys focus on the customer journey within your business. Knowing the opinions of real customers offers a great insight into your business. Whether the information is gathered as part of a strategic overview or is a tactical exercise to understand particular service elements. Customer satisfaction surveys tend to be shorter in nature when compared with mystery shopping, they should focus on the key service elements you are seeking to understand.


How customer satisfaction surveys benefit your company:

Understand your customer willingness to recommend with (NPS).

Keeps communication with your customers alive.

Keeps communication with your customers alive.

Help you increase customer lifetime value.

Encourages positive word of mouth and referrals.

Finally, the ultimate purpose of this type of survey is to benchmark how satisfied your customers are with the service. Happy customers are extremely valuable to your company and more likely to come back and make repeat purchases. Quickly identifying any key issues will not only save money it will help you to grow a happy customer base.


Under Age Sales Testing

Our underage sales testing services can be used in:

>  Supermarkets and convenience stores.



Clubs/Pubs – alcohol purchases and on the door entry.

Department stores.

   >  Amusement/entertainment centres.

In fact, anywhere legislation applies for purchasing goods we can place our mystery shoppers to report back the findings. We age profile our mystery shoppers and back this up with photographic evidence of appearance. All our visitors are between 18-23 years of age and should be challenged in relation to alcohol or age-restricted products.

Conducting age-related sales testing:

Our young mystery shoppers will visit your store or location to purchase an age-restricted item and complete a report in relation to the visit (see the updated code of practice for age-restricted products and services). Contained within the report will be factual information to support the score and outcome. Our testing team are handpicked and qualified to carry out the work on our behalf.

We capture the name of the server or description and whether or not your staff are proactively asking for identification (age verification) when purchasing from the restricted sale item list?

We also audit other elements within your location to ensure the relevant posters and warnings are presented at locations where either alcohol is sold or areas where an age restriction applies. This gives an overall visit score separate to the main Pass/Fail question and enables you to ensure that you are taking every measure possible to adhere to legal requirements.