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Cloud is one of the most significant technology shifts your company will face, offering agility, scale, and favorable economics.  But the integration of private clouds, public clouds, and legacy IT environments can be daunting. Marconix Cloud consulting services can help you find the right mix of hybrid cloud that can turn your IT organization into a valuable change agent for innovation and growth.

Our experienced team of cloud computing consultants can help you build the right cloud for your business and evolve your team’s culture and skills to embrace cloud.


Any Stage Of Your Cloud Journey, We Can Help

With an unbiased approach developed through more than 1,000 cloud transformation projects, our cloud consultants help you stay ahead of the best way to optimize your environments and unleash your people.

Cloud Migration

Assess your current applications, find the right mix of clouds for your workloads, identify gaps in technology and skills, and make a migration plan.

Innovate in the cloud

Launch new services and innovate faster with technology and methodologies  that provide your developers with fast, easy access to the resources they need.

Cloud management

Manage and operate hybrid clouds globally with continuous governance, risk management, and compliance. Gain visibility and control across all your clouds to simplify operations and optimize costs.

About Marconix Cloud Consulting

MCC is a cloud-focused consulting, IT development, and software integration provider.

MCC is a agile, innovative company that makes Cloud work for you. With a young, passionate team and expertise in Cloud Computing Solutions MCC is the leading provider of Strategic Cloud Consulting. Solutions. The solutions provided by MCC are seamless, secure and scalable.

We have been delivering highly-effective and reliable cloud services to companies and providing them with competitive edge. Our domain and business expertise in cloud services makes us the preferred choice of customers for all their cloud needs. From Startups to Mid-sized companies and Large enterprises, we are trusted by organizations of all sizes across sectors.

We have partnered with best of the product vendors across globe to offer best of breed solutions to our customers.

MCC’s INCONTINUUM Cloud solutions enhance the experience of virtual classrooms offered by EdTech companies

Cloud solution is gaining traction in education sector

Education sector has significantly changed in the recent past, from brick and mortar classrooms and textbooks to the virtual world of computers and mobile devices.  Evidently, technology has enabled connection between students, educational resources and peers, irrespective of distance and continents. This noteworthy development was possible only with cloud computing

MCC’s cloud solutions for Education

As an Advanced Consulting Partner for INCONTINUUM, MCC has high level cloud competencies, with consulting services offerings for edtech and educational organisations:

Enable cloud computing adoption, migration and overall digital transformation, while ensuring the experience is both hassle-free and profitable.

Develop cloud-enabled applications for quick and reliable data processing and analysis capabilities.

Support to convert data and ideas through AI/ML capabilities.

Design and architect the required infrastructure solutions for all applications.

Optimize the utilization of IT resources with managed services and serverless computing.