We work as an extension of your business, making you Agile ready.

Administration and support personnel may not be the part of the customer-facing segment of your business but they sure are a crucial part of your organization. Even though this segment doesn’t contribute to customer relationship management, it significantly contributes to the overall competency and success of your business. Back office support matters a lot for enterprises, no matter what your operational domain is.

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Customer Support

Delight your customers with our services such as inbound call center, email and chat support to O2I.

Data Verification

Accurate data is vital for any business; thus, it must be verified before it is used for strategizing or compiling it with the master database of your company.

Cataloging Services

This service will correct and enrich your existing listing/products for your online store. We will enhance your catalog through- image and data audit, correct them to make it accurate.

Inbound Call Center

Never lose any customer by outsourcing inbound call center services: Customer Support, Help Desk, Inquiry Handling, Call Answering, Technical Support, etc..

Outbound Call Center

Get access to cost effective outbound services like telemarketing, lead generation services etc.

Offline Branding and Merchandising

Connect with your customers in real time during purchase process and don’t only get sucked into the world of online marketing and brand promotion

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Order Taking and Processing

End-to-end order processing services and can handle the entire process of order taking and order fulfilment.


Whether it’s generating a quote summary, policy management, policy checking, generating a renewal summary, our team of professionals has years of experience in handling back-office tasks for insurance agencies

HR Services

Our outsource HR services help companies and small business in the process of Human Resources functions for training, recruiting, hiring, Payroll, Health Care benefits, background check, etc..